What People Say

The Outcomes team is what really sets CHS apart from any other kind of school. They make you feel like you’re prepared for every interaction with an employer and that you have a leg up on other candidates.
Jon Bakken
The coding bootcamp was a great experience. It not only taught me the knowledge and skills needed for web development, but gave me the leg up that that I needed to change my career.
man in brown leather jacket smiling
Andrea Velle
CHS gave me the foundational knowledge and confidence to pursue my career goals. With caring teachers, a supportive community, and up-to-date, challenging curriculum, I felt prepared and motivated to build and improve tech for the next generation!”
woman in white crew neck shirt smiling
Elle Aasen
The opportunities that have surfaced from this experience are nothing short of amazing. I did everything that was asked of me to become employer ready.
Isa Holmgren